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You all know Xenoxxx as the mighty conglomerate that includes bio-engineering, animation, artificial sentience and deep fried strips of bird or fish. It wasn't always like that. Some revisionists may try to tell you that this history is not canon but to them I say Fake News!

All hail Xenoxxx!

Jean Goujon Jean Goujon 1510-1565 [1] (pronounced John) was a Renaissance sculpter to King Henry II of France. Although he was chased out of France due to religious reasons, his descendants remained and thrived on the wealth that he had accumulated. His work reknowned for its extreme technical sophistication and was much copied in subsequent years. He had a reputation for exquisite taste, which is more than can be said for his descendent's goujons.
Guzhon plant works By 1872, Jules Goujon, [2] who was French but had been living in Moscow as an entrepreneur had big plans and founded the massive Moscow Metallurgical Works 1883. [3] This was known as the Guzhon Plant (завод Гужона>) and made rolled steel products including wire and nails. It was part of Goujon's industrial empire whose projects included the Volga-Vishera project. Unfortunately, the exclusive use of French foremen and managers was a source of irritation and he got caught up in mob action against German owned industries. The factories were targetted by rioter. The frenzy of xenoxxxphobia was politically dangerous and Goujon was arrested. By the time he was released his factory had been ransacked. When the Russian Revolution came the factory was taken by the state and was renamed "Moscow Metallurgical Works серп и мо́лот" or the Hammer and Sickle works. мо́лот or Molot is the Russian word for Hammer, hence Molotov (Hammer man) and Timmy Mallet. [4]

Guzhon rolling mill The Soviets needed a lot of steel for their war efforts so the factory grew and was kept very busy. A subdivision of the war effort was the bio-engineering division concentrating on developing sentient organic assemblies and Whimsy Rodgers was one of the early successes. Feeding the army was also a priority so the ingot making process was repurposed for making conveniently shaped blocks of boneless fish and bird. These were covered in breadcrumbs to hide the poor quality of the meat inside, and they were named Goujons after their inventor.

Image: Автор: Carbon massive - собственная работа, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Xenoxxx virtual reality mitten After the fall of the Soviet empire the factory redirected its output to making cars and fast food. [5] The parts of the Guzhon plant that were not involved in steel such as the AI division were bought by the oligarch Lord Brannigan-7 and were spun off into Xenoxxx Industries.

Image: Artificial Intelligence. Used without permission Digitiser 2000

Xenoxxx HQ Xenoxxx divisions were relocated into secure locations around the globe. As part of the makeover, the new Xenoxxx logo was inspired by the triangular layout of the original Guzhon plant. A new figurehead for the food division was developed in the A/I lab and given the code name Goujon John in honour of Jean Goujon who made it all possible. Goujon John was activated in September 2017. Some people say that this was a big mistake.

Image: Xenoxxx HQ. Used without permission
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Guzhon plant redevelopment By 2011 the original Guzhon Plant had stopped operating as it had been overrun by "monsters with weird mutant heads" and plans for urban redevelopment were put forward. The blue lines clearly show the Xenoxxx triangle. [6]